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Chamber of Commerce

Community Brand Action Plan

Destination developer Roger Brooks and his team from the Seattle-based Destination Development International (DDI) are working with several groups, including the El Dorado Advertising and Promotion Commission, the El Dorado Economic Development Board, El Dorado Fifty for the Future and the El Dorado City Council to come up with a plan for rebranding and marketing El Dorado to bolster economic development and tourism. Thus, the idea of "The Festival City” and "It’s Showtime (in El Dorado)!” tagline was born.

El Dorado Fifty for the future subsequently formed El Dorado Festivals & Events, Inc., which is working to implement Brooks’ plan. El Dorado Festivals and Events board members also serve as the Brand Leadership Team, the group charged with championing the action plan and piloting its implementation.

The steps outlined for the next five years, some of which are already in motion, include but are not limited to:

• Putting in a wayfinding system.
• Developing an overall master plan, theater master plan and public market plan.
• Hotel recruitment.
• Funding recruitment.

The Community Brand Action Plan, June 2011

Cover and Table of Contents
Pages 5-20 -- Introduction and Executive Summary
Pages 21-35 -- Brand promise, the El Dorado Brand and Recommendations 1-3
Pages 36-50 -- Recommendations 4-16
Pages 51-62 -- Recommendations 17-31
Pages 63-66 -- Recommendations 31 (continued)
Pages 67-77 -- Recommendations 32-40 and Supplemental Information
Pages 78-86 -- Supplemental Information (continued)
Pages 87-95 -- Supplemental Information (continued)
Pages 96-106 -- Supplemental Information (continued)
Pages 107-130 -- Supplemental Information (continued)
Pages 131-170 -- Supplemental Information (continued)
Pages 171-184 -- (Supplemental Information (continued)