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Chamber of Commerce

Downloadable City Logos

Please be sure to refer to the City Brand Identity Style Guide for the rules regarding proper logo usage.

By downloading a logo, you agree to use the logo according to the correct usage outlined in the City Brand Identity Style Guide.

If your needs require a higher resolution logo than what is available on this site, please contact the Chamber at (870) 863-6113 or chamber@goeldorado.com.

1-Color Logo
1-Color Logo with Tagline
2-Color Logo (Standard)
2-Color Logo (Standard) with Tagline
3-Color Logo (Standard)
3-Color Logo (Standard) with Tagline
Reversed 1-Color Logo
Reversed 2-Color Logo
Reversed 2-Color Logo with Tagline
Reversed 3-Color Logo
Reversed 3-Color Logo with Tagline