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Chamber of Commerce

El Dorado Festivals & Events

El Dorado Festivals & Events, Inc. is a private non-profit group founded to create The Festival City of the South! Harboring the spirit of southern arts, culture, and themes, EFEI is creating a festival calendar of events to share in the amazing talents of those who call the south their home. Through a greater engagement with the arts, we will increase the quality of life through enhancement of aesthetic beauty, cultural social offerings, and increased openness with the citizens of our great city.

Society is measured by the merit of its culture, and here in the south our cup runneth over. We are celebrating who we are, where we have been, and where we are going through a broad and diverse spectrum of events and festivals that will educate our young, inspire our community, and foster economic growth and development.

El Dorado, It's Showtime!

El Dorado Festivals & Events, Inc.
Contact: Austin Barrow, President
217 S. Jefferson
El Dorado, AR. 71730
Phone: (870) 863-4547
Email: info@eldofest.com
Website: www.eldofest.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElDoFest
Twitter: @ElDoFest